SPCkraft - Kolkata's first Interdisciplinary Arts Collective

Sujoy Prosad Chatterjee

Interdisciplinary Artist

Madhuwanti Basu

IT Professional
Independent Singer/Songwriter

Urvashi Basu

Interior Designer, CEO - Reality Design Pvt Ltd
Director - Sristhi Clinic Pvt Limited

Members of SPCkraft:


A theatre practitioner, MSc in Applied Nutrition, a social entrepreneur, and a photographer. Sounds very different from each other but amalgamates into my Self. That's me.

Trying to evolve as an interdisciplinary artist under the love of Sujoy Prosad Chatterjee in our Arts collective SPCkraft.


After completing my graduation in Finance I realized, there shouldn't be a big difference between passion and profession. I began a new life with my pen and microphone. I've worked as the coordinator, PR personnel, business development executive or goodwill consultant at various companies. SPCkraft is the place where I can breath my Oxygen.


By profession I am a banker, but I dream to be an actor. I've been a part of the group theatre 'Choopkatha' for the past 6-7 years, and I'm now very proud to be associated with SPCkraft. I did stage theatre but now learning other aspects of creative arts and enjoying every moment.


I am a content writer and have worked as a PR consultant before. Other than travelling & blogging, I take a keen interest in creative and interdisciplinary arts. I have engaged in script writing, narrating, anchoring, comedy, voice-over, and I'm willing to learn and explore more in interdisciplinary arts.


When you're too many souls caught in one body, it's hard to deal, but striking a balance is the key to all. A lawyer, performer, and a mother; I nurture arts in various forms. An avid reader and thought scribbler I look forward to enhance by skills as an independent artist at SPCKraft.


A bohemian soul, I love exploring various art forms. I'm also a content writer and social media strategist, and enjoy music of all sorts and am a poetry lover. I aspire to be an independent artist and therefore look up to the SPCkraft art collective as a platform of learning and and self exploration.


I am an artistic woman who loves music, drama, and poetry. SPCkraft is my favourite group, and it allows me to be a part of various interdisciplinary arts.


A corporate lawyer by profession, I'm a hopeless addict of tasteful art. A membership of SPCKraft is a remarkably refreshing experience which is not at all about tutoring but is all about exploring different art forms in the space of one's own mind, soul, and choices.


A business woman and music lover, I am a member of SPCkraft. I love pets, and I'm a proud single mother who is associated with various social and cultural activities. I'm a hardcore addabaaj who enjoys social interactions.


I am a former business women and have been working with a Govt NGO. I love poetry, reading, acting, drama, etc. I have been a on stage for poetry and talk theatre, and have also been a part of a short film. I came across a new dimension at SPCkraft, under the direction of Sujoy Prosad Chatterjee.


I'm a student who is very passionate about dancing and singing, and have a national scholarship in Rabindranritya from CCRT. Being a member of the interdisciplinary arts collective SPCkraft has helped me boost my confidence and also identify myself.


I'm a student and nurture a deep love for arts and culture. My experience with SPCkraft is wonderful.