SPCkraft - Kolkata's first Interdisciplinary Arts Collective

What is SPCkraft?

SPCkraft is a signature collective of independent artists lead by interdisciplinary artist Sujoy Prasad Chatterjee. The collective aims at nourishment through arts, cultural sensitization and builds a multidisciplinary approach to arts. The pedagogy is mostly through workshops, non-proscenium productions, and development of artistic texts. A first of its kind interdisciplinary arts collective in the city of Kolkata. Arts in any part of the world survives in collaboration and integration. At SPCkraft we just show you the path to become responsible, proactive and of course strategic.

Interdisciplinarity is a crucial/significant aspect of contemporary art practice. Art and art forms have been reformed and redefined over the ages, and a singular focus is not always sought after or preferred. The intermingling of various genres have almost become a necessity for creative practices to thrive. Interdisciplinary art provides that platform for cultural exchange and bridging the gaps between different art genres. Current trends in India also reiterate the need for a connection between different art categories.

According to Saba Rafi, and Furqan Ahmad, "INTERDISCIPLINARY ART PRACTICES IN INDIA" International Journal of Research -- "Interdisciplinary art began to appear in India since the inception of the 21st century, but the conditions for the growth of this art approach existed in the works of Vivan Sundaram, Nalini Malani, Ved Nayar, and Romana Hussain in 1990s."

Art collectives of the interdisciplinary kind are the way to build a network of artists and their individual art forms - to effectively create a harmonious blending of the various genres such as music, poetry, media, dance, theatre and many more. That is what SPCkraft is working to achieve.